[Mailman-Users] Mailman/htdig Success and a question or 3..

Glenn Sieb ges+lists at wingfoot.org
Wed Jan 8 06:18:20 CET 2003

First I just want to say:


I managed to get 2.1 and htdig all running together and working 
peachykeen... :) it's a beautiful thing! My monthly mailers all work now, 
creating lists from the webinterface works, etc!

However--a suggestion? In Defaults.py, once all the patches are added, we 
now see:

ARCHIVE_INDEXING_ENABLE = '<!--/htdig_noindex-->'
ARCHIVE_INDEXING_DISABLE = '<!--htdig_noindex-->'
# htdig integration parameters
# if you set USE_HTDIG then you must also set HTDIG_MAILMAN_LINK
# and HTDIG_RUNDIG_PATH to suit your htdig installation, for instance:
# HTDIG_MAILMAN_LINK = 'htdig-mailman'
# HTDIG_RUNDIG_PATH = '/usr/bin/rundig'
USE_HTDIG = 0    # 0 - don't use integrated htdig, 1 - use it
HTDIG_ARCHIVE_URL = '/mailman/htdig/' # must end in a slash
HTDIG_SEARCH_URL = '/cgi-bin/htsearch'
HTDIG_FILES_URL = '/htdig/'
HTDIG_CONF_LINK_DIR = os.path.join(VAR_PREFIX, 'archives', 'htdig')
HTDIG_MAILMAN_LINK = 'htdig-mailman'
HTDIG_RUNDIG_PATH = '/usr/local/bin/rundig'

Now.. as far as I can tell, HTDIG_ARCHIVE_URL is just wrong. 
/mailman/htdig/ isn't the location of archives using Pipermail.. it's 
/mailman/pipermail ... So I'm wondering:

1) Am I just reading this wrong? Is my setup somehow b0rken? I had to set 
HTDIG_ARCHIVE_URL = '/mailman/pipermail/' in mm_cfg.py

2) What about private archives? Can there be (maybe in a future version) 
HTDIG_PRIVATE_ARCHIVE_URL ? As it stands, I have to manually edit the 
<listname>.conf to fix it for private archives... hardly a big deal, but 
I'm just the curious type...

3) I'm using the postfix-to-mailman.py (modified to work with 2.1--easy 
enough, if anyone would like a copy, I'll happily post it), and do not use 
mailman's aliases file--is there a way to stop mailman from writing to this 
data/aliases file? Not a biggie, I'm still just a curious guy :)

Again... you guys rock!!! :)))))


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