[Mailman-Users] Install issue on Mac OS 10.2.3

Jean-Michel Biraghi jmb at 4dhispano.com
Wed Jan 8 09:06:11 CET 2003

It seems that my message has not been sent yesterday, so I repost it, 
sorry for the noise...

Hi John,

Developer Tools downloading and installing was OK. I took advantage of 
the downloading time to learn some terminal basics. It was useful : I'm 
now 0,01 % better than before :-)

Still refering to Kathleen's guide, I'm still in trouble from step 5-h

Step 5-h : the /var/mail folder was already set for mail group... so I 
wonder if there is an error... I was expecting mailman group... Am I 
right ?

Step 6-a

[Ordenador-de-jmb:/usr/adm/sm.bin] jmb% sudo 
/System/Library/StartupItems/Sendmail/Sendmail start
Starting mail services
451 4.0.0 /etc/mail/sendmail.cf: line 93: fileclass: cannot open 
'/etc/mail/local-host-names': Group writable directory

local-host-names file is set on "read only". Is it normal ?

[Ordenador-de-jmb:/usr/adm/sm.bin] jmb% sudo m4 
/usr/share/sendmail/conf/m4/cf.m4 /etc/mail/config.mc > /tmp/sendmail.cf
[Ordenador-de-jmb:/usr/adm/sm.bin] jmb% sudo mv /etc/mail/sendmail.cf 
[Ordenador-de-jmb:/usr/adm/sm.bin] jmb% sudo mv /tmp/sendmail.cf 
[Ordenador-de-jmb:/usr/adm/sm.bin] jmb% sudo makemap hash 
/etc/mail/access < /etc/mail/access
WARNING: Group writable directory /

What do you think about this warning ?

[Ordenador-de-jmb:/usr/adm/sm.bin] jmb% sudo newaliases
/etc/mail/aliases: line 1: alias line too long
/etc/mail/aliases: 0 aliases, longest 0 bytes, 0 bytes total

Well.. what's wrong here ?...

Thanks to all...

Jean-Michel Biraghi
4D Hispano        
28230 Las Rozas de Madrid, Spain

El Sat, 4 Jan 2003 15:24:56 -0800, John W Baxter escribió :
>  Note that since the Developer Tools CD packed with "Jaguar" there have been
 a small but critical update, and more recently a complete new release
 (December 2002 Developer Tools).  Hope you have a fast 
connection...it's a
 300+ meg download [1].  (You can get a CD shipped for $19.95 plus tax.)
 But since you want Mailman, you likely have a fast connection.

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