[Mailman-Users] mm2.1 cookie problem?

Darrell Duane dduane at rium.duane.com
Mon Jan 6 23:13:16 CET 2003

  I'm seeing the same thing from Mozilla on Linux.  I haven't tried 
restarting my browser.  

It works fine from Mozilla on Windows.

Anything else I should try to help diagnose this problem?

>I've run into something since I installed mm2.1 and wanted to see if 
>anyone else is seeing it before I report it as a bug.
> From time to time (ah, the best kind of bug), the cookie set when 
>logging into a list seems to "go bad" - after authenticating, any other 
>admin operation (admin pages, admindb, list archives) results in 
>prompting again for the password every time a link is clicked or a form 
>At first I thought this was just something with my browser (OmniWeb 
>4.1.1 on MacOS X), but one of my list admins whose list I just migrated 
>from 2.0 to 2.1 has said it's happened to him as well, and he's using 
>IE5.5 on WinME.
>For me, the fix has been to quit and restart the browser - once that's 
>done, everything works as expected. My list owner, however, had to 
>reboot his machine (probably because IE doesn't necessarily really quit 
>when you quit the app since it's used to much by the OS..).
>It's possible that this is something to do with mm2.0 <-> mm2.1 
>interworking, either to do with cookies set for both the old and new 
>version of the list, or cookies set for other lists with a similar name 
>(the list in question is called trawler-world-list-help, there's also 
>trawler-world-list and several other trawler-world-* lists which are 
>still mm2.0).
>Anyone seen this?
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