[Mailman-Users] RFE

Ed ed at easent.net
Tue Jan 7 19:32:50 CET 2003

Hi Gang,

2 things Mailman really needs, 1 is database integration, and there's an 
RFE out there for that.  The other is a simple scripting language to be 
used within the mail body itself.  Things like conditionals, the ability to 
import data from URL's, and equally database tables.

The import facility is critical to delivering targeted content within the 
message distribution.  Being able to import the results of a -HTTP GET- to 
a URL goes a long way towards that, especially if it will allow you to pass 
parameters on the URL.  Also, make the return an "object" so you can 
perform operations on the object like sub-strings so you could use other 
functionality like "skip" this user or add some other content block based 
on something in the return.

These 2 things would be so awesome.

Thanks for listening !

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