[Mailman-Users] Further on Admin-only posting in 2.1

Mitchell Marks mitchell at cuip.net
Tue Jan 7 20:37:44 CET 2003

(MM 2.1 on RH 7.2, Sendmail 8.11.6)


We have a list, recently moved from 2.0.x to 2.1, which we'd like to keep 
in "mostly-moderated" mode, with a couple addresses allowed to post without 
requiring approval, and posting from members help for approval.  That's 
been working pretty well with the method in the FAQ extract quoted below.

However, when a new member is added, her "mod" flag is off.  So new members 
can post without a moderator approval, unless the admins remember to follow 
up on new member additions by setting that flag.  It would be much nicer if 
the default new member options could be set to have the "mod" flag on.  But 
this doesn't seem to be available from the web admin interface, at least, 
not among the default options shown on the General page.

I see there is a list setting "new_member_options = 256" for this 
list.  Would the moderation flag be another option I could add into 
"new_member_options"?  Are the bits of "new_member_options" the same as 
individual member option settings?  Could someone please post or steer me 
to documentation on these option settings?


Mitch Marks

The extract with the method we're following:

 >3.11. How do I create a newsletter (admin-post only) ?

 >If you want to create a list to which only the admin or a restricted number
 >of people can post (such as a newsletter), set member_posting_only to "no"
 >and add the addresses of all allowed posters to posters. This is done on the
 >Privacy Options page. The relevant items are "Restrict posting to list
 >members" and "Addresses of members accepted...". There is a link to more
 >detailed information for the items which you might want to read as well.

 >In 2.1b, "Restrict posting to list members" is no longer available,
 >unfortunately. It appears the best solution for 2.1 is to make all members
 >require moderation, give them an auto-action if they try to post (discard or
 >bounce, e.g.), give all non-subscribers an auto-action, and then either
 >specifically allow certain non-subscribed addresses or un-mod certain
 >subscribed addresses to allow them to post. (If there is an easier way,
 >please correct this.)

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