[Mailman-Users] 2.1 Install Issues

Todd Freedom_Lover at pobox.com
Wed Jan 8 21:31:42 CET 2003

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Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
> >>>>> "DL" == David LeVine <dhl at sphds.org> writes:
>     DL> - All of the subdirectories under
>     DL> ~mailman/{messages,templates} were created with permissions
>     DL> 02755 instead of 02775.
> Also works for me:
> What OS are you using?  Do you see any errors in the "make install"
> output?  Can you check that output for anomolies?

I noticed the same thing when I installed.  I installed on a redhat 7.3 box.

I could be way off here, as I'm no Makefile guru, but I have a guess at
what's happening.  Please excuse me if I've missed something glaringly

Having read the INSTALL file a bit too quickly, I missed the admonition to
"not be root" for the ./configure; make; make install.  So, out of habit, I
ran su -c "make install".  root's umask was set to 0022.

The Makefiles in messages and templates call mkinstalldirs to create the
directory trees but I don't see any chmod to make sure that the perms are
correct.  In messages/Makefile, there is a chmod on the dirs inside each
subdir of messages, but that doesn't help with the language dirs themselves.
There's a similar thing done in templates/Makefile.

I would guess that this normally just works because many users umasks are
set to 0002 instead of 0022.  Since it's important that these dirs have the
proper perms, shouldn't they be chmod'd explicitly instead of relying on a
users umask?

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