[Mailman-Users] Lists periodically vanishing

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Thu Jan 9 15:22:47 CET 2003

Interesting, so you have both archives working in parallel: Pipermail
and Mhonarc?  That sounds like a hack.

And I'm assuming that you are running a 2.0.x version install.

I think that if you upgrade to 2.1.x you will remove the problem.  The
ubiquitous qrunner was replaced with various sub-processes that each do
individual tasks - one such task is archiving.

An other alternative is to copy the archive MBox periodically to a
separate location and then point Mhonarc to the copy of Mbox, then it
won't hold open the one used by Pipermail when Mhonarc does its
re-indexing and discovery of new messages.

I run Mhonarc differently.  I simply subscribe a local user to my list
and let Mhonarc use the mbox from the local user.  You might think about
that as an alternative for yourself.

Good Luck!
On Wed, 2003-01-08 at 14:18, Tom Maddox wrote:
> Hi, everyone,
> I've just been assigned the task of managing an existing mailman 
> installation, and it's evidently been having a recurring problem with 
> lists mysteriously vanishing for some short period of time and then 
> reappearing, occasionally in a corrupted state (membership list and 
> config settings hosed, etc.)
> The symptoms I've observed are as follows:
> 1)  Mail sent to a list will bounce with a message like the following:
>     ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
> <list at company.com>
>      (reason: Data format error)
>     ----- Transcript of session follows -----
> list: Mailbox does not exist
> 501 5.6.0 Data format error
> 2)  Attempting to access the archive web page for the list returns a 
> "404 Not found" error, although it *is* possible to access the standard 
> information page about the list.
> Relevant system information:
> FreeBSD 4.7-STABLE #0
> sendmail 8.12.6
> Mailman 2.0.8
> The mailman archives are also being archived by mhonarc v.2.5.13; 
> archiving by mhonarc happens every 15 minutes.  It scans for changes in 
> the mailman archives and then updates its own copy as necessary (at 
> least, that's how I think it works).  I would guess it's possible that 
> mhonarc is locking the list archive file and causing concurrency issues 
> and disruptions in the list as a result.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Tom
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