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sales at victoryfilms.com sales at victoryfilms.com
Thu Jan 9 00:35:12 CET 2003

Please I am what you may consider a newbie in the computer world.My problem is that I  am recently building a website and I want to use your mailing list.However,I have tried everything I can to transfer the mailing list to my file manager in order to publish it so that people can subscribe to my site.Till now I have not been able to do that.I was told that I can do that through mailman control center and I don't even know how to find it.
Please the help I need from you is how can I use your mailing list on my site?That is how can I publish it?I must confess it is a very easy form for new users like us.Please help.
My e-mail address is chinemeremnjoku at yahoo.co.uk .
Chinemerem Njoku
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