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jsingh jsingh at fdu.edu
Thu Jan 9 22:45:55 CET 2003

I just created 10 lists and whenever I send a message to any of them the
messages end up in qfiles directory. So I cleaned up the directory send
the message to a different mailing list, it got posted. But there is no
message being posted to the new lists I created. When I go through the
mail log, I see the wrapper is trying to post and in logs I checked the
qrunner log, it tells me exception in reading the message file. I am
using mailman version 2.0.2. Its an openbsd3.1 box with sendmail as its
Can you tell me what am I doing wrong?

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>>>>> "SR" == Steve Rifkin <steve410 at cs.jhu.edu> writes:

    SR> OK, I upgraded to MM2.1.  After having to run check_perms with
    SR> -f to fix permissions, I finally got the web pages up.

    SR> When I go in as site admin and change the list admin's
    SR> password for a list, I *still* cannot log in as the list
    SR> admin.  (I still receive the authentication error).

    SR> And if I go back into the password change page for the list as
    SR> the site admin, and if I put in a new list admin password and
    SR> have a *different* verified password, I receive no errors when
    SR> I click submit.

    SR> However, if I run "change_pw" from the command line, changing
    SR> the password for the list admin for the specific list, them, I
    SR> CAN log in!  :)

    SR> So, it's the web interface that's screwing up.  We're
    SR> narrowing this one down now... I hope!  Any suggestions?

Do you have any cookie blockers or other proxies between your browser
and the web server?  That's about the only thing I can think of.


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