[Mailman-Users] Install issue on Mac OS 10.2.3

Jean-Michel Biraghi jmb at 4dhispano.com
Fri Jan 10 17:38:38 CET 2003

End of the story !

Return chars were not understood as "new line" with the BBEdit default 
settings, so my file seemed to have only 1 line, and too long of 
course... After changing BBEdit prefs, it works finally !

Many thanks to Jon Carnes

Jean-Michel Biraghi
4D Hispano

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From: Jean-Michel Biraghi <jmb at 4dhispano.com>
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 11:25:09 +0100
To: Steve Burling <srb at umich.edu>
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Subject: Re: [Mailman-Users] Install issue on Mac OS 10.2.3

Right, it's now OK with that change. Thank you.

My only problem now is with Sendmail :

sudo newaliases
/etc/mail/aliases: line 1: alias line too long
/etc/mail/aliases: 0 aliases, longest 0 bytes, 0 bytes total

Everything seems to be OK with the alias file :
– it's a plain text file
– 1st line is a comment
– 1st uncommented line has 23 chars (root: [TAB] username)

and also with the sendmail.cf :
O AliasFile=/etc/mail/aliases

I really don't understand what's wrong in that stuff...
I've sent a question to the Sendmail newsgroup but nobody answered.

Did somebody get this problem ?

Thanks for your help... (I'm quite stubborn... I WANT to finish it.. :-

Jean-Michel Biraghi
4D Hispano        
28230 Las Rozas de Madrid, Spain

El Thu, 09 Jan 2003 15:45:46 -0500, Steve Burling escribió :
> --On Tuesday, January 7, 2003 11:27 AM +0100 Jean-Michel Biraghi 
> <jmb at 4dhispano.com> wrote:
>>  W A R N I N G :   G r o u p   w r i t a b l e   d i r e c t o r y   /
>> What do you think about this warning ?
> To which I reply:
> The "Group writable directory" error is one of sendmail's security 
> checks, and typically happens on Mac OS X because Apple's Installer 
> *always* seems to make the root directory (/) group writable.  Try 
> this command:
>    sudo chmod g-w /
> which removes the group writability on /, and see if that helps.
>                                             -- Steve
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