[Mailman-Users] Installation instructions seem to be missing

Tom Loscheider tom at loscheider.net
Sun Jan 12 05:28:40 CET 2003

I'm trying to setup Mailman on a Red Hat 8.0 system. I have not been able to
find any setup information indicating how to activate and access the Mailman
service. The rpm is installed, but your web pages and documentation do not
indicate how to get things running or how to access it... Am I missing

For example, do I need to put a pointer to Mailman in my Apache config? Or
do I point to a certain port?

Perhaps there is a How-To I'm missing?

 This page: http://mailman.sourceforge.net/site.html Has some useful
operational info, but tells me nothing about the actual setup and activation
of the service. It was all I could find claiming to be for admins.

Please steer me to the setup docs. I'm sure other people are experiencing
the same frustrations.

Best Regards
Tom Loscheider
Technology Director Mahnomen Schools

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