[Mailman-Users] Question about changing the names of a list

Bill Hilburn bhilburn at frontier.net
Sun Jan 12 18:29:25 CET 2003

I have had customers ask to do this as well...

IMHO it does not make sense to re-name a list, all of the archives will have the
old address which is confusing to any current readers (think google searches)
and in the end the email address for the list changes so you have to do an alias
 and the old list address just never goes away...

I explain some of this to them and offer to start a fresh list with the new name
 but at the expense of dropping the old list altogether (they can inform the
subscribers through the new list)

It makes them think really hard about it and so far they stay with the existing

Quoting Janice Leong <janice at neteffect.ca>:

> I have a client who wishes to change the name of their list.  Is there a
> shorter, more efficient way of doing this than creating a new list,
> configuring it to the old one and then deleting the old list?
> Thanks in advance.
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