[Mailman-Users] Ok.. got everything working..

Glenn Sieb ges+lists at wingfoot.org
Sun Jan 12 19:23:52 CET 2003

At 01:12 PM 1/12/2003 +0000, Richard Barrett posted the following...
>Depends on how you want to change it. Assuming you've checked out the 
>final setup notes in INSTALL file, the notes in Defaults.py and made your 
>changes in mm_cfg.py

I've read INSTALL, there seems to be nothing there showing me how to change 
that "mailman at www.wingfoot.org" to something useful. Neither was there 
anything in Defaults.py that I could find.. I searched archives and found 
"MAILMAN_OWNER", but that also does not appear in the Defaults.py file. I 
have placed that entry into my mm_cfg.py, to no avail.

>You will probably want to use the $prefix/bin/fix_url.py bin/withlist 
>script to get the changes in mm_cfg.py to propagate to an existing list.

Well this is on the "list of lists" page 
(https://www.wingfoot.org/mailman/listinfo) ...

Again, thank you for all your help :) Of all that was going on, this is 
pretty minor, and certainly liveable for now. I just figured this 
would/should be an easily changed setting...


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