[Mailman-Users] Re: contents of qfiles/bad ?

David Gibbs david at midrange.com
Sun Jan 12 21:50:41 CET 2003

"David Gibbs" <david at midrange.com> wrote in message
news:avsico$sac$1 at main.gmane.org...
> I've got a lot of files in my qfiles/bad directory ... when I did a dumpdb
> on some of the files, they seem to contain valid messages.

Ok, I think I've figured out why the messages were being discarded ... they
contained HTML only and no plain text.  My content filtering rules didn't
allow HTML through.

I've enabled html on my content filtering, and also enabled the conversion
from HTML to plaintext.

Now, however, I'm getting the following showing up in my error log ...

Jan 12 14:46:01 2003 (1198) HTML->text/plain error: 256

My html to text conversion command is this: /usr/bin/lynx -force_html -dump

I've verified that /usr/bin/lynx exists and that mailman can run it.

Any ideas why I would be getting the return code?



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