[Mailman-Users] Automatic publishing from mailing list without approbation

Jean Berthold jean.berthold at eos-gd.ch
Mon Jan 13 14:59:57 CET 2003


I have the following problem:

I would like to publish emails FROM a mailing list (non-mailman) INTO a
mailman mailing list, at each message, I need to
approve the message from admin web page:

As list administrator, your authorization is requested for the
following mailing list posting:

    List:    Etrans at atlanta.eos.elro
    From:    toto_list
    Subject: test 7
    Reason:  Message has implicit destination

to approve or deny the request.

How-to set up mailman to approve message whitout human intervention ?

Thanks for your help


Jean Berthold
EOS - energie ouest suisse
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CH-1001 Lausanne , Switzerland
Tel. : +41 (0)21 341 24 58
Fax  : +41 (0)21 341 20 49
E-Mail : jean.berthold at eos-gd.ch

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