[Mailman-Users] subscriber names

Greg Westin greg at gregwestin.com
Tue Jan 14 22:21:34 CET 2003

This should be in the FAQ, but basically any generally-accepted format
should work.  For example:

"User 1" <user1 at test.domain.com>
John Doe <jdoe at not.aol.com>
Williams, Sam <sam.williams at mailman.net>

Just make sure there's only one per line.

To quote a message from me, quoting a message from Barry, found by
searching the archives:

To quote a message from Barry, found by searching the archives of this

	Actually, any format recognized by email.Utils.parseaddr() is



	Anne Person <aperson at example.com>
	"Brian D. Ude" <bdude at example.com>

I hope that helps,


greg at gregwestin.com
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On Tue, 14 Jan 2003, Con Wieland wrote:

> Hello
> I am looking at Mailman 2.1 and I really like the feature of a real name
> associated with the email address, however I am unable to figure out how
> to edit this except after they are subscribed from the "Membership List"
> page. I have looked everywhere, isn't there a way to add there name at
> the same time you subscribe them?
> Con Wieland
> UC Irvine
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