[Mailman-Users] Re: Genaliases script

David Gibbs david at midrange.com
Wed Jan 15 19:05:28 CET 2003

"Tom Maddox" <tmaddox at thereinc.com> wrote in message
news:ALEEIFGHNDFECPGCCOMDGEJFCAAA.tmaddox at thereinc.com...
> I just recently tried to upgrade to Mailman 2.1, but I must have been
> something wrong with genaliases.  Genaliases spits out plaintext output
> about the changes that need to be made, but it doesn't actually make them
> regenerate the aliases.db file.  Sorry if this is a ridiculous question
> reveals my ignorance, but what else needs to be done to get the aliases to
> work?  Do I need to post-process the genaliases output with another

What MTA are you using?  Sendmail?

If so, then you have to make the changes manually ... I think if you use
postfix the changes are made automatically.


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