[Mailman-Users] Re: RE: Archives in HTML? (Jim Hale)

Scott Armstrong scott.armstrong at nvl.army.mil
Wed Jan 15 21:11:31 CET 2003

Since most of our lists are used as moderated distribution lists and are
synchronized via scripts, it wasn't very difficult.
You have your standard mailman list aliases - which we partition into their
own alias file /etc/mail/aliases.mailman

fubar:    "|/opt/mailman/mail/wrapper post fubar"
fubar-admin:    "|/opt/mailman/mail/wrapper mailowner fubar"
fubar-request:    "|/opt/mailman/mail/wrapper mailcmd fubar"
fubar-owner:    fubar-admin

We have another set of aliases - these are partioned into

fubar-archive:        "|/opt/bin/hypermail -i -u -d
/opt/mailman/archives/private/fubar \
                             -c /opt/mailman/archives/private/fubar/fubar.rc

I've written scripts to create a base hypermail archive from a template
using sed (which creates "fubar.rc") at the same time a new list is created.
This is probably the most complicated part of hypermail since the config
file overrides the command line parameters. Adding this alias is only
necessary if you want the archives in synch at all times. You could just
regenerate the archives nightly.

The built-in mailman command "arch" can be used to recreate a pipermail
archive from its mbox - I wrote a similar script for hypermail.

I use the site settings of
which maintains the internal pipermail "backup" to mbox format.

If necessary, you can edit the mbox format with Pine using "pine -f
/opt/mailman/fubar.mbox/fubar.mbox" and then regenerate the archives.


> is this a basic feature or have I missed a tip and how does it work?
> thanks
> chas

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