[Mailman-Users] Archives in HTML?

Jim Hale jim-ml at halemail.dyndns.org
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Believe me - I'M the ignorant one when it comes to this. :)

The SME Server is just a distribution of Linux (www.e-smith.org) that
has all the stuff built in to run everything for web that you configure
via a web interface. The 'specialized' version of stuff I was talking
about was just packaged by another SME Server user that places the files
where they need to be for THAT particular distribution - hence the files
aren't in the 'usual' place per the installation instructions for

Like, my archives are located in /opt/mailman/archives and mhonarc is
located in /opt/mailman/mhonarc instead of /var/mhonarc. So I'm all
confused. :/

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* Jim Hale (jim-ml at halemail.dyndns.org) wrote:
> I went and pulled mhonarc and have it installed but I need to find out

> how to make Mailman look at it instead of Pipermail - problem is that 
> I'm running all this on an SME server so everything is not in the 
> exact location like in the instructions.

First I don't know what SME means (sorry for my ignorance).  So I hope
this applies to you. There are a few ways to do this.  I'd say 2 of the
easiest are as follows.

See the ARCHIVE_TO_MBOX section in Mailman/Defaults.py and set the
setting as you need to in mm_cfg.py.

1.  Use the existing mbox file located in

    Then you can point mhonarc to that file and update from that file.
The rest is configuring mhonarc and its templates to suite your needs.

    With this option you would have to regenerate occasionally.  I'm
sure theres a way to have it generate on the fly, but I don't know
enough about mailman or python to do it.

2.  Subscribe an archive (ie mhonarc at list.domain) user to all your lists
and use his mbox to generate the archvies with.

    With this option you can have the archives rebuild as mail comes in
with procmail filters or whatever you use.

> I guess you could say that I'm running 'specialized' versions of 
> Mailman/Mhonarc/HTDig that someone packaged up specifically for the 
> SME Server - just hoping maybe someone here has run into the same 
> situation.

Not sure what you mean by 'specialized' versions.  And I hope this
applies to your 'specialized' system.

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