[Mailman-Users] Archives in HTML?

Matthew Davis bigdog at dogpound.vnet.net
Thu Jan 16 05:31:21 CET 2003

* Jim Hale (jim-ml at halemail.dyndns.org) wrote:
> Believe me - I'M the ignorant one when it comes to this. :)

Then there's only one thing to do, and thats learn :)

> The SME Server is just a distribution of Linux (www.e-smith.org) that
> has all the stuff built in to run everything for web that you configure
> via a web interface. The 'specialized' version of stuff I was talking
> about was just packaged by another SME Server user that places the files
> where they need to be for THAT particular distribution - hence the files
> aren't in the 'usual' place per the installation instructions for
> mhonarc.

Alright, that makes some more sense.

> Like, my archives are located in /opt/mailman/archives and mhonarc is
> located in /opt/mailman/mhonarc instead of /var/mhonarc. So I'm all
> confused. :/

So the previous instructions should still work.  Just output the mhonarc
web files to the location you want on your web server.

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