[Mailman-Users] user feedback on plain digests

Bryan Fullerton bryanf at samurai.com
Thu Jan 16 15:57:28 CET 2003

Several of my list owners are quite unhappy with the state of plain 
text digests in 2.1. Here's one comment sent to me this morning:

I must admit that until this post appeared I had not noticed that the
messages were still numbered. Since the index is numbered, the number
is really usefull for those who just want to scroll to specific
messages. The number must be the first line, as it used to be, for
the numbering to be of any value. (I mean, who looks to the 10th line
of anything, to see if it's numbered?)

The reason why I asked about eliminating those five unnecessary lines
of header is that they make it impossible for someone scrolling
through the digest to easily spot the subject lines.

The latest Mailman may be wonderful in other respects, but this
version might as well be numbered 1.0 as it takes several steps
backward in digest presentation--by obscuring message numbers anbd
subject lines. You can quote me.

And another:

The person at Mailman who came up with the brilliant idea to hide the
number obviously is not a digest reader. More than half of our
subscribers are, so this is a big concern.

It should be noted that they do like most of the other features in 2.1, 
but as they have a lot of digest subscribers this is generating lots of 

When I get a chance later today I'll be trying the patch Tokio Kikuchi 
sent to mailman-developers - hopefully it will resolve the excess 
headers issue.



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