[Mailman-Users] no public lists in listinfo after move

Greg Westin greg at gregwestin.com
Fri Jan 17 14:45:33 CET 2003

I know this has come up before (maybe not the same issue, but probably  
- where listinfo doesn't work but admin does) - try searching through  
the archives of this list.  Sorry, but I don't remember what the  
solution to this is (despite the fact that it happened to me, once!)


On Friday, January 17, 2003, at 02:33  AM, bsweeney at physics.ucsb.edu  

> Hello all-
> I'm new to this list but have been using mailman successfully for quite
> some time.  I have run into a snag, however.
> I'm changing mailman servers (going from RedHat 7.1 to RedHat 7.3), and
> near as I can tell all I needed to do
> was copy the mailman folder over to the new server, make sure the  
> apache
> and mailman GIDs remained the same, symlink the wrapper into  
> /etc/smrsh,
> and then feed in the crontab stuff.  I did all this, and everything  
> seems
> to work except when I go to the listinfo page, I don't get any public
> mailing lists there.  If I know the name of the list, I can get to it,  
> and
> if I go to the admin page all the public lists are listed there, but  
> not
> on the listinfo page.  Now on that machine if I give the apache user a
> shell account and su as it, then run the listinfo script manually, it  
> does
> print out an html page with all the expected mailman lists.  Weird eh?
> I emptied my browser so I know it's not the cache.  I know the apache
> ScriptAlias lines are correct because all the other stuff works ok (I  
> can
> even login as an admin, or view a lists archives).
> Any suggestions on where to look next?
> Thanks in advance,
> Brian
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