[Mailman-Users] Pipermail archive and attachments

Jan Siml lists.mailman at jules.de
Sat Jan 18 00:27:58 CET 2003

Hello Group!

I have a problem with the archives produced by pipermail version 0.09. If 
the default language for the list is english, everything works fine and 
pipermail produces an archive with correct ../attachments/.. urls. Like this:

Skipped content of type multipart/alternative-------------- next part 
A non-text attachment was scrubbed...
Name: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Zwischenpr=FCfung.doc?=
Type: application/msword
Size: 720700 bytes
Desc: not available
Url : 

But if i choose german as default language, pipermail produces an archive 
with no ../attachments/.. urls. Like this:

Übersprungener Inhalt vom Typ multipart/alternative-------------- nächster 
Teil --------------
)Ãj×¢jxZž¢´§Öz|.× zÇ!ç]z»Cj×¢?©žŠÊ<óŸuAœ"±È^žš

Where is the cause for this behavoir?

By the way, is there any possibility to reparse a *.mbox file by 
convert_html_to_plaintext? We've upgraded from 2.0.13 to 2.1 and our *.mbox 
files contain still html.



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