[Mailman-Users] user feedback on plain digests

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Fri Jan 17 01:36:44 CET 2003

>>>>> "BF" == Bryan Fullerton <bryanf at samurai.com> writes:

    BF> When I get a chance later today I'll be trying the patch Tokio
    BF> Kikuchi sent to mailman-developers - hopefully it will resolve
    BF> the excess headers issue.

I'm off the net at the moment so I can't look at the patch, but I can
guess what it does.  If I'm right <wink> will it bother folks that
reducing the number of headers in the plain text digest will also
reduce the number of headers in the MIME digest?

One of my goals for the digester was that either digest could be burst
and the individual messages would look exactly as if they had arrived
independently.  Or at least, they'd be useable to do follow ups back
to the list.  Maybe that's unreasonable for plain text digests.  If
so, the current code may need a more invasive surgery.


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