[Mailman-Users] Back tracking subscribers confirmations

Mark C gen-lists at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Jan 19 20:01:29 CET 2003


I'm about to install mailman for a friend of mine, basically he runs a
motivation company (yes the one that employers send their staff onto to
try to get them to enjoy and be motivated in their £4.50 an hour
telesales job).

Basically he wishes send mails out informing subscribers of new deals
and seminares etc..

So I decided to take charge and build him a two machines, web server,
email server and hopefully use mailman to send out these mails, on one
condition, that anyone who he wants to send a mail *MUST* subscribe of
their own free will 
(or I will literley delete his entire harddrive on all the servers, as I
don't want mailman or Linux assosiated with being responsable for
spamming, as I will be maintaining the boxs).

Is it possable in mailman to keep track of all mail sent and received?
( I know sendmail, logs all transactions), so if someone complains to
his ISP that they never asked for a mail, we can prove by going through
mailmans archives or logs that yes they did and that we can provide the
confirmation email from that users agreed to sign up to the list.

Thanks in advance


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