[Mailman-Users] Different lists and idiot admins

Ralf Hildebrandt Ralf.Hildebrandt at charite.de
Mon Jan 20 14:23:52 CET 2003


We have the following problem: We have delegated lists to admins
on-campus. One of these lists is 3.000 memebers large. Since we don't
want anybody to send HUGE attachments to this list, we have a size
limit in place. 

Unfortunately idiot-admin-from-hell approved the large mail anyway.
You can imagine what happened...

Is there a way of defining a HARD limit for the size a list message
can have, which cannot be overridden by idiot-admin-from-hell (but
only by us, the site admins)?

We can of course use Postfix's message_size_limit, but unfortunately
this applies to all lists, even to the 3 member list that may pretty
damn well use 1MB large attachments...

Idea: a limit that is computed dynamically from the number of members
multiplicated by the messagesize:

if (number_of_members * message_size) > total_limit:

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