[Mailman-Users] configuring Mailman

Jim Hodson jimhodson at jenniferonsunday.com
Sat Jan 18 19:50:47 CET 2003

I am working on setting up a Mailman mailing list for our web site at 
http://www.jenniferonsunday.com.  We are a band and already have many 
people on an exisiting list (done manually), which we want to migrate to 
Mailman.  Our site is hosted by Webanimotion, and they have Mailman on 
their server for us.

We want a very simple mailing list system, and Mailman can do a lot more 
than we need.  I'm trying to find out how to best configure Mailman for our 
needs.  Here is what we want to do:
1. Send e-mail news updates to our list.  We do not want users to be able 
to send to the list.
2. Users subscribe from our website.  Currently they enter their e-mail 
address on the site, and click "Join", which sends the appropriate e-mail.
3. Users UNsubscribe as well.

The problem I've run into seems to revolve around the password, and the 
Welcome E-mail.  The Welcome E-mail has a lot more information in it than 
we need.  For instance, that e-mail tells users that they can post to the 
list, which I do not want them to be able to do. I know I can turn off the 
feature about sending them the Welcome E-mail, but then they won't have 
their password.

Also, when I migrate our current users to our Mailman list, I don't want 
them to know about the migration.  However, if they don't get a Welcome 
E-mail, they also will not have a password, and will be unable to 
unsubscribe automatically.

Is there a way to modify the Welcome E-mail (besides just the introduction 
to it)?  Is there a way to avoid having to use a password to unsubscribe?

Thanks for any help you can provide.  We really just want a simple mailing 
list to get information to our fans.

Thanks very much!

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