[Mailman-Users] cookies in mailman 2.1?

Mary Ann Horton mah at mhorton.net
Sun Jan 19 02:45:22 CET 2003

Finally got some time set aside to upgrade to mailman 2.1 on my Red Hat 
7.3 system.
After upgrading Python to 2.2.2 (which was very smooth) and copying 
/home/mailman to /usr/local/mailman, the upgrade was bumpy.  Four 
mailing lists caused python tracebacks during "make install" - had to 
chmod 0 the directories to proceed.  I can manually recreate these 4 
lists, if I can get that far.  I did have to set the with-gid to apache.

But the 2.1 system has a cookie problem when subscribing users through 
the web admin interface.  Every mouse click generates a warning about 
needing cookies enabled and insisting that I enter the password.  Once I 
do, it goes to the next screen but doesn't do any work.

I've tried two browsers to make sure it wasn't the client.  Both 
browsers work fine with the old mailman, which I've backed out to.

My web servers is Apache (nee RH 7.3) and the client is a Red Hat 8.0 
system running Mozilla and Galeon as the browsers.

Are there any known cookie issues (the FAQ is silent on the subject) or 
suggested fixes or workarounds?


    Mary Ann

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