[Mailman-Users] Cleaning my mailing lists

Angel Gabriel badmangabriel at lycos.co.uk
Mon Jan 20 17:56:58 CET 2003

I was nosing around the SpamCop website, because I was trying to report some
b*stard that keeps spamming my main address, adn I found the following

In order to avoid spamming, mailing lists must implement a secure opt-in
procedure. Many so-called "opt-in" lists are nothing of the sort. Beware
anyone who wants to sell you lists. You will be disappointed.

I cannot stress strongly enough the need for secure opt-in. Many web-sites
now feature "click-through" confirmation, or checkboxes which must be
unchecked. However the initial sign up is accomplished, whether on a web
site, or by email - the final confirmation phase must include a random code
which is emailed to the intended recipient. If that code is not returned by
the user, you must not add the address to your list. If you do not follow
this procedure, you will inevitably spam somebody, whether or not that is
your intent.

If you implement this type of secure opt-in, and one of your subscribers has
still reported your mailing as spam, please gather all the data on the
incident and report it.
If you do not have a working opt-in process, you should clean your list by
reconfirming all subscribers using a secure opt-in procedure as described
above. The most important part of this confirmation is that if a subscriber
takes no action, then that subscriber is de-listed.

The bit that intrested me, was the final part, how can I reconfirm all my

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