[Mailman-Users] bad links to secure server

Arif Mamdani arif at welfarelaw.org
Tue Jan 21 18:33:11 CET 2003

On Tuesday, January 21, 2003, at 11:02 AM, Aaron M Daley wrote:

> I set mailman up on our secure server. I moved over some pre-existing 
> lists.
> some worked fine, the rest also work fine accept for one minor detail. 
> Many
> of the links within the admin page are incorrect. That is to say the 
> address
> is completly correct accept that it starts out "http" instead of 
> "https" so
> of course I get a 404 error from our regular server everytime I click 
> on a
> link. The links on the general options page are correct but like the 
> member
> management page and administrative request page are wrong. Any idea's? 
> I
> already tried deleting the list and recreating it but I had the same 
> exact
> problem. Please help.

You don't say what version of mailman you're using, but i'm inclined to 
suggest checking the default URL setting in Defaults.py to be sure that 
you've got https instead of http in there.  If it's not correct, make 
changes in the mm_cfg.py file (I think this would apply to Mailman pre 
2.1, the files are correct for my installation of 2.07)

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