[Mailman-Users] local delivery problem...

Mathias Landhäußer mathias at landhaeusser.de
Tue Jan 21 12:33:24 CET 2003

Hi there!
I guess I've got a big problem: I've running Exim on my debian router to 
control the E-Mail-Service for my home network.

Since a few days mails for postmaster at localdomain (forwarded to 
root at localdomain), root at localdomain (forwarded to mathias at localdomain) and 
mathias at locadomain (@peccata and @ira.peccata and @ira too) remain 
undelivered in the exim-queue. Mails for other useres are delivered without 
any problems and I can send messages with mathias at peccata to others. I've 
already checked the owner:group and permissions for /var/mail/mathias but 
they are correct.
I also tried to create a new exim.conf (without any smarthosts etc.) with 
eximconf but it doesn't work either. 

Exim does neither try to deliver the messages - nor hands an error-msg to the 

I'm using nfs since a few days to share the server's home directories with 
the clients; might that be the problem? I tried to uncomment the homes in 
/etx/exports but that hat the same effect -> no delivery for my 3 users :(

It would be great to hear from one of you...

Mathias Landhaeusser

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