[Mailman-Users] Hiding email addresses in archives

Matthew Davis bigdog at dogpound.vnet.net
Wed Jan 22 04:44:51 CET 2003

* tspeight at rockygorge.com (tspeight at rockygorge.com) wrote:
> I remember a domain called listquest.com that archived messages from other 
> lists that used a program that they said was in the public domain that 
> converted all email addresses in each message to a gif, thereby rendering 
> the email addresses useless when you tried to harvest the emails in the 
> archive..

Have you google'd it?

> <<I'd like to hide or obfuscate email addresses in the list archives, but 
> can't see an obvious way to do this. Right now we seem to be a target for 
> address-harvesting, and it bothers our users. But we'd like to leave the 
> archives public. Is there something I can do to mailman to get this 
> behaviour? Thanks Moz>> 

Upgrade to mailman 2.1 or use an external email archiver.

That will step you thru the steps to use mhonarc or something like it.

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