[Mailman-Users] How to remove users from the bounce blacklist?

Bogardi Janos bogardi at lib.pte.hu
Wed Jan 22 09:20:00 CET 2003

Hello Matthew,

Thank you for your response.

> * Bogardi Janos (bogardi at lib.pte.hu) wrote:
> > Is there a way to remove these addresses from the bounce blacklist?
> Check the membership list http://<listhost>/mailman/admin/<list>/members
> and there is a 'nomail' column.  The offending email should have a check in
> this spot.  Uncheck it and it should start receiving email.

The list members affected by the DNS outage are not on the list of the "Member 
management section" of the list admin interface.

Since my post I've tried to fix the situation by unsubscribing all the list 
members, then subscribing them again, without success. Messages are still not 
sent to them.

Here are excerpts from the logs:

Jan 22 09:02:14 2003 (13236) post to alist from xy at b.com, size=1502, 60 failures

Jan 22 09:02:14 2003 (13236) smtp for 61 recips, completed in 10.392 seconds

Jan 22 09:02:14 2003 (13236) xxxlist: somename at somedomain.com - first
-- then the same for other subscribers.

Should I restart Mailman, if so, how do I do that? Or, should I backup lists, 
remove and then reinstall Mailman?

Please help. Thank you.

Janos B.

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