[Mailman-Users] Machine in unresponsive

jsingh jsingh at fdu.edu
Wed Jan 22 16:13:10 CET 2003

Hello everyone
I am using Mailman version 2.0.2. Python version 2,OpenBSD 3.2, MTA
Sendmail. I had been testing with around 100 lists without any problem.
But come Tuesday morning the machine got really really sluggish and was
creating zombie process, I have no idea why. I went through faq and it
seems that in my version of mailman qrunner has a problem since it can't
fork and process mails if it is stuck with one email. I went to the
crontab and stopped qrunner from running and am doing it manually and am
getting deprecation warning because I updated the python. So I am going
to update the mailman but can anyone explain why the machine is so
sluggish. I only have mailman running on this machine.

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