[Mailman-Users] Forbidden ( No ACCESS to Mailman )

Chris [ www.LiFEFORCE.de ] chris at lifeforce.de
Wed Jan 22 20:42:00 CET 2003

thank you...

i've forgot the

ScriptAlias /mailman/ /home/mailman/cgi-bin/
<Directory "/home/mailman/cgi-bin">
   Options ExecCGI
   AllowOverride None
   Allow from from all
   Order allow,deny

part in my httpd.conf... (thanks, ghoti!)

but where can i find a good (german) documentation:
a) how to configure the mail-setting of the list (the from part), because my
servername is wrong and

b) how to simply create a list like support at mydomain.de ?

thanks for any answers in advance (i am a newbie, but mailman looks pretty
good and simple, i only can't find a good documentation how to get started)
[ http://staff.imsa.edu/~ckolar/mailman/mailman-admin-quickref-0.2.html &&
http://staff.imsa.edu/~ckolar/mailman/mailman-administration-v2.html dont
realy help)....

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