[Mailman-Users] Reason: Message has implicit destination

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Thu Jan 23 17:18:11 CET 2003

It could be that more than one domain or host name resolves to your
particular host (ie: list at mail.dom.ain, list at mailserver.dom.ain, and
list at dom.ain may all end up on the same machine).  Though each address
may point to the same email list on the same host, Mailman may see them
as being different.

Some MTA's can also modify the incoming email and adjust/translate the
name and domains.  I've seen that mainly with folks running virtual

If that is your problem then you can simply put the other various names
that folks might use into the "explicit aliases" list under privacy
options in the web-admin.

HtH - Jon Carnes

On Wed, 2003-01-22 at 18:54, Jim Hale wrote:
> If I send a message to my lists they go thru just fine but if anyone NOT
> on the same Email server as the Mailing List sends a message to a list,
> I get a message saying that the messager requires approval because
> 'Reason:  Message has implicit destination'. :/
> Why does it do this?
> Thanks! :)
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