[Mailman-Users] How does the core of Mailman function?

Jonathan Chum jchum at aismedia.com
Thu Jan 23 17:51:47 CET 2003

I'm interested on how Mailman is able to deliver out emails rapidly. I'm
curious on whether it opens a pipe to Sendmail or Qmail, injects the
message, then closes the pipe after each message it delivers or does it
write a file directly into a queue folder waiting to be sent...

The reason I ask is that people say SMTP is faster than mailing via Qmail
and that by opening/closing a pipe to Qmail, it adds more overhead. Also,
you'll fill up disk space faster by queuing up messages than to directly
email the message.

I'm weighing down alternatives and method of mail delivery for a large
client of ours.

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