[Mailman-Users] htdig integration patches

Steve Huston huston at astro.Princeton.EDU
Thu Jan 23 20:14:08 CET 2003

On Wed, 22 Jan 2003, Richard Barrett wrote:
> In response to your input I have posted a revised version of patch #444884 
> for MM 2.1 on sourceforge as file htdig-2.1-0.3.patch
> Thanks for your heads up on the problem and your observation. Sorry for the 
> errors. Your suggested change was not quite right; good try but no cigar.:)

Tried it today, works like a champ.  Thanks!

> At 23:41 21/01/2003, Steve Huston wrote:
> >Lastly, I'm a little confused by one way things fit together.  Granted, it
> >works, but... Why does the htdig script make its results point to itself?
> One of the objectives of this patch was to preserve private archive privacy 
> and make changing an archive from private to public or vice-versa a 
> non-event from the archive search standpoint. 

I later read a mail to the same effect in the archives, and understood why it
works this way.  Makes sense, any of the tests I've done so far were on
publicly viewable archives, never thought about private ones.

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