[Mailman-Users] help

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Fri Jan 24 19:30:24 CET 2003

You'll have to help us to help you - we need more information.

What version of Mailman, and how is it not working?  Be as precise as
you can.

Good Luck - Jon Carnes

On Wed, 2003-01-22 at 15:47, chinemerem njoku wrote:
> I just configured mailman  mailing list and I tried it with my mail.It worked.But when people signed up through the subscriber list on my website,it refused to work.What may be wrong with my installation?
> Also,how can I redirect people to my home page after signing up.I don't want them to visit the memberlist because the website is just for signing up and for members to receive messages from me.It will not be a discussion group.
> Confused man
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