[Mailman-Users] Mailman problems with Python?

Parker, David K dparker at ci.bryan.tx.us
Sat Jan 25 00:20:32 CET 2003

I'm getting errors running all Mailman commands after upgrading to 2.1-1.
I'm beginning to think its related to my Python install. I was checking the
program requirementsand was told to run "python -V" to check the version. I
get an "unkown option" response. Rpm tells me that I have versions 1.5x and
2.x installed. Is the 1.5x version being run instead of 2.x? If so, how do I
specify the correct python environment to load?

rpm -q python2	python2-2.2.2-3.7.3
rpm -q python	python-1.5.2-38


David Parker
Systems/Network Administrator
Information Technology Services
City of Bryan, Texas

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