[Mailman-Users] Restricting access to the create list web page

Mark segfault at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Jan 25 13:21:31 CET 2003


I have just upgraded to Mailman 2.1 and all my previous problems have
now vanished and its working prefectly 
(only taken a week of constant searching and brain bashing)

I have just noticed (maybe I never realised before), but there is a web
page that will allow list admins to create a new list.

Is there anyway I can restrict access to this page, by say IP.

I don't want joe public top be able to bring this page up at all, only
the internal network list admins.

I was thinking of a directive in the mailman httpd.conf file, but not
sure where to put it.

Any help would be great


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