[Mailman-Users] Feedback on Mailman 2.1

Marc Perkel marc at perkel.com
Sun Jan 26 06:57:43 CET 2003

Often the programmers and the development team overlook things in upgrading 
because they don't have the same experience as the end user. I want to point out 
such a case to you so you can fix 2.1.

As a 2.0.11 user I did not need the list "mailman" and didn't have one. Thus 
when I upgraded it mostly worked. And it took a lot of work to figure out what I 

Perhaps the install/upgrade should create this list or at least there should be 
some sort of error or better documentation. Just wanted to give you a heads up 
on this to improve this fine product.

Also - there used to be a "post-only" patch that allowed members of the 
"post-only" list to post to all other lists. I very much need this feature in 
2.1 so that I can upgrade the lists at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Thanks in Advance
Marc Perkel

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