[Mailman-Users] increase digest number ?

kenneth at drosera.be kenneth at drosera.be
Sun Jan 26 21:45:02 CET 2003

Hello all,

I have MM2.1 installed in combination with qmail.
The MM list that I am setting up right now is as a replacement for a majordomo 

One question still remains (and should be solved urgently, as I'm preparing 
everything to move my list once DNS updates are done) is: how do I set the 
digest number to 13 for this one list ?

At the moment the active majordomo list is at Volume 5, digest #12, so it is 
only logical that I start my MM list at Volume 5 (already changed using admin 
web-interface) and to tell Mailman that the nect digest should be #13.

Any options on how to do this ?
Is sending a message and generating a digest (from the web interface) my only 
hope ? 
And if so, how do I remove these "filler" messages from the archives ? Which 
files to delete and where ?

kind regards,


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