[Mailman-Users] text only in attachment -Noob.Q

Keith Mastin kmastin at beechtree.ca
Tue Jan 28 02:22:34 CET 2003

This is my first mailman implmentation.
System:		redhat-7.3
smtp:		postfix-1.1.7-2
imapd:		courier-imap-1.6.2-1.7.3
pop3d:		none
webmail:	squirrelmail-1.2.10
list manager:	mailman-2.1
httpd:		apache-1.3.27-2
php:		php-4.1.2-7.3.6
python:		python-1.5.2-38; python2-2.2.2-3.7.3

All users access mail via the squirrelmail interface.

I sent a test message to the list. The message got sent and delivered as 
expected. However, the test of the message is an attachment, it does not 
appear in the text area.

A look through the more recent months of the archives didn't show any 
similar problems.

Any ideas?

Keith Mastin

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