[Mailman-Users] Bundle Htdig with Pipermail? -was- How to delete messages from private archives

Steve Huston huston at astro.Princeton.EDU
Tue Jan 28 05:10:18 CET 2003

[Trimming CCs down to just the list]

On Mon, 27 Jan 2003, Matthew Davis wrote:

> * Jon Carnes (jonc at nc.rr.com) wrote:
> > Is there a reason you wouldn't want to simply include Htdig as part of
> > the "out of the box" install?
> My concern is the size of the package.
> Thats a good chunk, and adding htdig (tarball for 3.1.6 is 2 meg) would up
> the package size to roughly 7-8 meg.  Considering I'm just a lowly dial-up
> 56k constant connection server (theres no plans of broadband where I live,
> way too far in the NC sticks), puts me as a minority I know.  Just a
> concern.

Yes, but look at just the size of Mailman, plus the "htdig" patches on
Sourceforge.  That's not too big, and simply means you'd have to install htdig
separately.  Or even change the patches around (if necessary, don't recall
now) so that they can be applied, but htdig isn't required for things to run.
Yes, you'd still have to download and install it if you wanted the
functionality, however it comes with RedHat at least so you could install it
from your distribution's media.

While I can agree with large package sizes (have had my DSL dropped twice when
companies went under, and had to go back to good old dial-up), I doubt a
couple patches to Mailman would change the size that much.  Plus, it already
requires Python, and last I checked that was pretty big :>

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