[Mailman-Users] mail transfer agent : PROBLEM

Chris [ www.LiFEFORCE.de ] chris at lifeforce.de
Tue Jan 28 15:39:07 CET 2003

hi !

i am using suse 8.1 . mta-configuration:

outgoing mail server = smtp from my provider (post.strato.de)
accept remote smtp: NO (OFF)

if i subscribe to a list, i get a mail to cofirm my subscription. if i
answer to this mail or write a mail to the mailinglist nothing happens... (i
got a timeout mail after 4 days)

i am trying to configure mailman since about two weeks. nothing works...

is there anyone who can help me?
(germany, 26842)

i ran newlist for a new list then
i edited  /etc/aliases.d/mailman
after that i ran 'postalias mailman' .

i think there is a problem with the masquerading. but i don't realy know.

which configurationfiles are needed to help me?

Jan 28 15:29:23 lifeforce postfix/postfix-script: starting the Postfix mail
Jan 28 15:29:24 lifeforce postfix/master[11829]: daemon started
Jan 28 15:33:21 lifeforce postfix/smtpd[11881]: connect from
Jan 28 15:33:21 lifeforce postfix/smtpd[11881]: 2C8C0B276:
Jan 28 15:33:21 lifeforce postfix/cleanup[11882]: 2C8C0B276:
message-id=<002301c2c6da$005c14c0$025ca8c0 at lf>
Jan 28 15:33:22 lifeforce postfix/qmgr[11836]: 2C8C0B276:
from=<chris at lifeforce.de>, size=151827, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Jan 28 15:33:37 lifeforce postfix/smtp[11884]: 2C8C0B276:
to=<support at localhost.lifeforce.dyndns.org>,relay=post.strato.de
Jan 28 15:33:54 lifeforce postfix/smtpd[11881]: disconnect from

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