[Mailman-Users] MS Exchange as a relay computer?

Jonathan Knight jonathan at cs.keele.ac.uk
Tue Jan 28 16:17:05 CET 2003

> >                                                         Exchange can
> > send a single message to handle all of those recipients instead of
> > sending 5 or 10 as would occur when using the recommended batching of
> > 10 recipients per message for postfix and other popular Unix-based
> > MTAs.
> This is not true for postfix. 

That's not true for exim either.  It's a configurable option so that those
MTA's which refuse messages with more than X recipients (to avoid some spam)
can be catered for.  Exim can be configured with different limits for
different domains.

> > Exchange 2000 has no problem sending the same message to multiple
> > domains at the same time.  The remote deliver agent on most Unix MTAs
> > can only send to one domain at a time
> This is not true for postfix.

Nor for exim.  It's a configurable option.

> > so if you set the batching to 500 then you single thread your
> > delivery and it can take forever for messages to get out.
> This is not true for postfix.

Nor exim

I have a mailing list of thousands that clears those that are deliverable in
a minute or less.

On the other hand there's an exchange server on site that self destructs
whenever its users email a large-ish address book entry.

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