[Mailman-Users] Mailing problems

Mike Dean mikedean at ntlworld.com
Tue Jan 28 16:00:10 CET 2003

Dear Mailman
I wonder if you could get back to me at your convenience and let me know
whether one of your products would handle a problem I have encountered.
I work with a UK reg. Charity charged with handling an 'e-zine' for a
group of around 650 legal professionals. Yesterday we sent a 'welcome'
mail to that list using the email list function of our Raq4 server, but
one of the recipients had an autoresponder configured which sent a mail
back to the list saying "im not in...". Unfortunately, her being a
member of that list, along with the other 600 members she received her
own response back, to which her computer obviously replied with a
further "Im not in..." message. Then she got this one back, and replied
again, ad nauseum. Within an hour the server buckled under the weight of
what we conservatively guess to be around 33,000 emails, and our phone
lines melted under the weight of all the other recipients who were
getting this "im not in,,," message dozens of times an hour. 
Having deleted the email list and gradually purged the system of all the
mails still queuing, we have conceded we need a more professional system
for these mass mailings, hence my email to you. I need some software
that will allow only certain individuals within a list to respond to it,
any others being discarded, or having some other method of moderating
problems such as this
I would appreciate your comments at your leisure
Mike Dean

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