[Mailman-Users] text only in attachment -Noob.Q

Keith Mastin kmastin at beechtree.ca
Tue Jan 28 21:02:38 CET 2003

>On Tue, 2003-01-28 at 03:37, Keith Mastin wrote:
>> >Can you include a sample email to the list?
>> >I'm curious if the problem is the Content Filter (look in the
>> >web-admin).
>> >
>> >Jon Carnes
>> Web-admin? How would I look there, do you mean on the stuff we see in  
>> a browser, or in the code that makes the page?
>The "stuff" we see in a browser.  Particularly the "stuff" that we see
>in a browser that lets us configure our mailing lists.

Okay, that clarifies it. I was scared you were gonna have me go at setting 
up webmin or something like it

>Interesting.  What does the message look like before it goes through

To: members at mcleodlake.com 
Subject:   test
Priority: High Normal Low Receipt: On read On Delivery  


Mcleod Lake Indian Band webmaster

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