[Mailman-Users] Configuration assistance - virtual host?

Sarah Baker sarah.baker at cs.cmu.edu
Tue Jan 28 20:59:03 CET 2003

I've read recent discussion and outline of the 
virtual hosting feature. But it's not 100%
clear to me it will work to reach my goal.

Mail in my land all only comes to a central server foo.org
who then directs mail to several servers 
(ie server1.foo.org, server2.foo.org, etc)
using virtual user tables. 

For example
address1 at foo.org    goes to address1 at server1.foo.org
address2 at foo.org    goes to address2 at server2.foo.org

I want Mailman to play in this environment such that
list at foo.org goes to list at mailmanserver.foo.org via 
virtual user table on foo.org
the list on mailmainserver.foo.org
uses the list at foo.org name in mail headers, 
and the web pages reflect it without hand 
editting each page, etc.

Will virtual hosting met my requirements?
I get the impression it will, but before I go off
and try to set it up - I thought to check in.
Any gotchas?
Sarah Baker
Carnegie Mellon University - West

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